The offer CO2EnergyStorage

We offer a number of opportunities for the technology commercialization and cooperation:

  1. Sale of a single license for technology;
  2. Sale of exclusive licenses on a given market/area.
  3. Preparation of the installation design; optionally with its execution.
  4. Acquisition of shares in a SPV (special purpose vehicle), licensed for a specific installation.
  5. Establishment of a joint venture for the research and/or development stage

We are also ready to discuss other options of cooperation.

Who offers

CO2EnergyStorage Sp. z o.o. acts on behalf of Innox Nova Sp.z o.o. based in Poland as the sole owner of the rights to commercialize the technology and 100% of CO2EnergyStorage Sp. z o.o. owner.


The costs and fees will be the subject of individual arrangements.


We are looking for partners with proven financial capacity to handle the project.

Prospect partners are primarily industrial facilities with high CO2 emissions. The technological H2 on site will be an additional advantage.

Access to water and electricity resources in industrial quantities is essential. Access to electricity from renewable sources supports the economics of the project.

Benefits for the partners

The use of the offered technology allows for:

  • CO2 emissionreduction and the fees incurred in this respect.
  • possibility of waste gas management
  • generating revenues from the sale of methanol
  • in case of renewable energy applications, methanol has 'green methanol' status, and can therefore achieve higher prices
  • ability of energy storage in the form of methanol
  • low costs of acquiring an unique method of methanol production and a cheaper installation for its production.


Industrial tests (stage 3) since 1H 2021. Implementation and commercialization on a large  industrial scale is planned since 2H 2022.

Team is available to start discussion and preparations right away.

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