About project

The world's first effective technology allows the use (sequestration) of waste carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (including low purity) as raw materials for the production of methanol - a valuable raw material for chemical syntheses - enabling the production of chemical products, plastics, liquid fuels and others.

The project is implemented in 4 stages:

About project
R&D works

Building a small module  producing about 35 - 50 t/y of methanol. The aim is scaling up from laboratory environment, size testing and R&D.


Construction of installation for producing min. 140 - 200 t/y of methanol, in modular form, flows optimization.

Industrial Test

Testing the installation of  140 - 200 t/y in cooperation with partners under various industrial conditions


Construction of industrial installation at client’s site – implementation and commercialization.

Make hydrogen green again

Our technology

Attempts to convert CO2 and hydrogen to methanol are known in chemistry, but the technology presented gives it a new, revolutionary meaning and efficiency.

Possibility to use contaminated gases

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The efficiency of the process enables the realization of a single pass of the gas stream

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The methanol produced will not have a carbon footprint

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